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With us, you will become STRESS FREE – When we start, we take all off your hands – All you need to do is, have a drink in your hands an mingle with your guests.

Are you looking for something different? A Home Party, Business Staff or Client Appreciation, Launchers, Fund Raising, Team Building etc – We Are Your Solution. Our M.C will do a introduction, informing guests of the happenings for the event. We do not stop there: besides entertaining and satisfying – with the groups (Team Building), prizes (always recommended) or those odd and unexpected extras, we put you at ease and do this on your behalf. Thus, we will maintain a smooth running of the event.

It is fabulous that you have decided to bring a bit of VEGAS to your next event. All our Functions & Events are filled with Excitement, Fun and Satisfaction. It is also known that our Functions & Events keep a Favourable Image to all those that attend.

Prizes are always recommended:




Idea's for prize giving.

Who plays with the most flair (can of colour Hair Spray), the biggest cheater (a Mirror), the one who is the most serious gambler (kids plastic glasses and beard), the worst gambler (deck of playing cards), air head (two eggs), the one who takes the most chances (a condom with a note saying “Chance taker” stapled through the condom twice), the luckiest gambler, the safe player (a pack of condoms), the unbalanced one / jack in the box - jumping from one table to another (beans in a bag), the loudest player (a cone with a handle to speak through), the one that thinks he / she is a dealer and deals on the table (a bow tie or cap) , the gossiper - telling every one else what is happening on other tables (a news paper), the born leader - showing all how to play (deck of cards and a stick), the must rule breaker (a stop sign), the preacher - he who tells other 'all about casinos' as he thinks he knows best (roll of toilet paper), the dancer - the one who dances when wins (a feather duster), the one that does not play much but stacks his chips (bag of nuts), the one with guts (two balls), the best character - the one that acts like an actor e.g. 007 (a toy gun), the biggest winning looser - the one that has more fun loosing (a wallet), the bright spark - the one with all good ideas in gaming (a candle), the best builder - the one who stacks their average bet the highest (a painted brick), the beggar - the one that keeps asking / begging for more playing chips (a white shirt with "I'm a beggar" written on it), the stud of Vegas - very lucky with their betting (comb and gel), the one that is stuck to playing on the tables (a viagra tablet), the quietest one on the table (a g-string), the sweetest person on the table (instant can cream). --- Remember, prizes could be drinks / downers / vouchers etc.  

The prizes above can be given out during the evening; this helps create more fun all the time. A more serious prize can be given as a final prize at the end of the evening - this will be given for the biggest/most successful winner – AND we hand out the prizes through out the event, on your behalf.

Décor is supplied with the tables; there is no additional cost. It is an added bonus from us to you. This includes lighting and props. The décor is sufficient for the flair of the tables and is guaranteed that no one will have the same.


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