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1 - How does it run?
We create the Vegas atmosphere. In the beginning of the function, funny money is given out to all. It may be exchanged into chips for the preferred game. Then fun and games begin. At the end of the evening, all the cash and chips are returned.

2 - What happens at the beginning of the evening?
The tables are set up prior to the function. At the beginning of the function, the Vegas Royale M.C will introduce the company and staff. The M.C will then proceed to explain how the evening will be run. The M.C only requires about 4(four) minutes.

3 - What happens at the end of the evening?
All funny money and chips are collected. If there are prizes to be given (prizes, refer to F.A.Q 5), we will be more than happy to assist.
4 - How do I begin playing?
Once the M.C has explained the evening and the funny money is handed out. The croupiers exchange the funny money for chips; from that point, good luck.
5 - How much does the chips / games cost me, and what can I win?
The chips will have a fictitious amount. No money, in any way what so ever, may cross the tables. The evening is strictly for fun only. Prizes, not cash, may be given for example: the one with the most flair; a black jack of the same suite, etc. We are more than happy to assist you on this aspect. Gaming for prizes is not allowed. The Gaming Board Law sets this.
6 - What venue do I need?
This is one point that you will adore. Any Venue; anywhere. Our Casino Tables have been custom designed to fit into All Venues. The only aspect to take into account is alternative space i.e. space for DJ, dancing, buffet etc.




7 - I don’t know how to play a specific game.
Our croupiers are professionally trained. They are more than willing to assist those who require help.
8 - How many tables do I need, and which ones?
There will be eating, drinking and socializing. Not all will play at the same time. We have prepared a rough scale for you:

25   guests = 1 blackjack  / Poker   and 1 roulette   (2 = 1 Dice / Craps Table)
50   guests = 2 blackjacks / Poker   and 1 roulettes (2 = 1 Dice / Craps Table)
100 guests = 4 blackjacks / Poker   and 2 roulettes (2 = 1 Dice / Craps Table)
150 guests = 6 blackjacks / Poker   and 3 roulettes (2 = 1 Dice / Craps Table)
200 guests = 8 blackjacks / Poker   and 4 roulettes  (2 = 1 Dice / Craps Table)

If you would like to include Craps / Dice, Replace 2 of the Tables above with 1 Craps / Dice Table.

9 - How much space do the tables need?
The tables are actual size tables. The space required is roughly the same size as a dinner table. Dealing with space, do not forget the D.J., buffet, stage or entertainment, etc
10 - What do I need to do?
When it comes to involving us, nothing. We take care of it all; the build up, break down and informing guests of how the tables work. By doing this, we take it off your hands.
11 - Where do I fit the playing into my function?
At the beginning, food and speeches are taken care off. Speeches can be at the end of the evening too. A good playing time is between 7pm till 12pmthis is so that those who would like to go home early, may. The evening must be just long enough so that all can enjoy on their own level.  If a day event, the gaming must be after the food and speeches.
12 - How long should the event be?
Two options offered. With past experiences, 4hours of gaming time is always recommended and preferred. Our professional croupiers will keep the atmosphere till the end. If the tables are required for a longer period, a nominal fee will be charged.

Décor is supplied with the tables; there is no additional cost. It is an added bonus from us to you. This includes lighting and props. The décor is sufficient for the flair of the tables and is guaranteed that no one will have the same.


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